Progress Pittsburgh PAC 2011 Endorsements

Progress Pittsburgh PAC Endorses Prater-Holliday, 3 others for City Council

Progress Pittsburgh PAC (P2PAC) has announced that the following candidates have earned their endorsement for 2011:

Darlene Harris, Pittsburgh City Council District 1.
Since being voted Council President, Councilwoman Harris has been instrumental in holding together a majority of council on key votes, including the fiscally responsible pension-funding plan which keeps our public assets in public hands.

Bruce Kraus, Pittsburgh City Council District 3.
Bruce Kraus has shown tremendous integrity in being unwavering in support for progressive issues including environmental sustainability and transparency in government throughout his term, and is a dedicated champion for his district.

Patrick Dowd, Pittsburgh City Council District 7.
Patrick Dowd has a record of being committed to socially progressive values and to environmental sustainability. It is our hope that in the next session, Dowd will join in a governing progressive majority in the City.

Lucille Prater-Holliday, Pittsburgh City Council District 9.
Lucille Prater-Holliday has a background in organizing and in social services which will be an asset to her district. She has a commitment to good government, and is driven by progressive values and a sense of responsibility to those around her. As the only candidate in the race with no ties to the traditional political factions in the district, Prater-Holliday will be an excellent addition to City Council.

The endorsement from P2PAC comes with organizational and financial support for each candidate. This is the second consecutive municipal election cycle where P2PAC has issued endorsements. In 2009, P2PAC’s endorsements included
Natalia Rudiak and Daniel Lavelle, both of whom won their elections in close votes.

P2PAC exists to develop, support, and promote the election of progressive leaders to positions in local government in order to further good government, sustainable development, and social equity in Pittsburgh. They work to develop, support, and elect candidates who value economic justice, civil rights for everyone, quality education, accessible health care, environmental sustainability, reproductive justice, good government, and transparency.


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